Notes from ningyo editions studio and gallery

About this Blog (which evolves like a tadpole before our eyes)

This blog initially stemmed from collaborative work done with various artists at my etching studio and late gallery ningyo editions, wherein I wrote posts explaining process, material and (I hope) what the work meant.  But shit changes, nothing ever goes quite as planned and gradually, without even realizing it, we evolve.  Many local galleries have closed over the past few years, and ningyo was no exception.  Why did it close?  Mostly due to problems surrounding money (and these problems did not come from people giving me too much money, but from not buying anything and thus my not actually making any money).  Somewhere on this blog you will find a detailed explanation for closing the gallery.  I should also add that the blog’s subtitle “Notes from ningyo editions studio and gallery” is quite inapplicable now, but WordPress won’t seem to let me get rid of it and so it remains a bittersweet reminder of a time when I had more to do but less to write about.

Today the blog is in transition – into what I cannot say.  I will most definitely continue to write about art, while some of the entries may occasionally veer into more personal subject matter.  Do not fear: at no point do I plan on becoming too revealing or off-putting (unlike half the shit people share on Facebook).   Some may call me a hypocrite for saying that, and they would be half right, for in many instances a blog is just another forum for promotion of the self (even when there is little or nothing in particular to promote), while its author deludes him or herself that there are others out there who care.  This blog, however, remains infinitely less public (as the dearth of visitors shown on my dashboard stats confirms).  So while technically anyone can access it, I really do feel at liberty to write whatever I wish, because so very few people do.  Alas, for details of my sex life, medical status/history, or cats, you would have to speak to me in person.

DC (updated 10/14/12)



One Response

  1. Stevie Black says:

    David (and Amy);

    Thanks for your recent email re: double date – with gusto! Warmer weather brings possibilities.

    We will hope to see you for the next show of DTW’s work. I’d like to talk to you more about your ningo blog then.

    I really love the body of work that is being showcased on your site/blog. You have a sure eye.


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