Notes from ningyo editions studio and gallery

Closing of the ningyo editions Gallery and Thoughts on the Boston Globe Review

The Closing of ningyo editions’ Gallery Space

Now the Captain he was dying/ But the Captain wasn’t hurt
The silver bars were in my hand/ I pinned them to my shirt.

-Leonard Cohen

I realize my quotations that preceed these entries are becoming increasingly cryptic, but this one feels appropriate, and I leave it to the sapient reader to make heads or tails of it.  And so… It is with with a bang and not a whimper that I announce the closing of the gallery space of ningyo editions.  Read the rest of this entry »


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Black Valentine

“Love comes in spurts/in dangerous flirts/and it murders your heart/they don’t tell you that part.”

-Richard Hell

“Pleasure has already killed me, transformed and translated me… I am the drunken bee wandered into your household.  You may with courage eject me through the window; or by accident step on me.  Be assured, I’ll feel no pain.”

-Patricia Highsmith

At the beginning of this year I was commissioned by the excellent team of Anne Barrett and Todd Dunton of 30E Design to create a series of works to be sent out as Valentine’s Day gifts for clients, design firms, curators and magazines in New York.  This has become something of a tradition for them and is in its third year (with as many artists having participated – each year they choose someone new).  Suffice it to say that my first impulse was flattery to be chosen, and I readily accepted.  My second impulse was bemusement, as I see little in my work that could inspire the perfunctory, knee-jerk sentiments associated with love demanded of the day.  Of all “holidays”, there is no other that so inspires guilt and shame (in the single or coupled) and throws people (mostly men) into last minute panics of preparation around a day named for some saint (I say somesaint because there were dozens of St. Valentines and it is unclear which holds the honor of the eponymous day, though of all of them were known far more for their sacrifices and martyrdoms than for romantic love).  Read the rest of this entry »

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